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Trust me, I’ve been there. Waking up later that you wanted, constantly feeling like you’re running out of time, planning your day out and it not going as planned. I want to share the ways in which I have made some progress with my morning routine.


If you feel like you’re not getting much done during the day, you’re constantly behind on tasks, you’re constantly overwhelmed because you’re behind on tasks – THEN these are the 5 reasons you need a morning routine.

1. Time is Money –

Successful celebrities and entrepreneurs such as Oprah, Dwayne Johnson, and Dean Graziosi have morning routines which start with waking up early specifically during the times of 4 am – 6 am. Why? Because they get a head start to the day. This way you’re giving yourself enough time to accomplish what you’d like to. You become productive with that extra time. The early bird truly does get the worm. Sorry to my night owls, but it’s the secret to success

2. Fewer distractions – apple-applications-apps-607812 (1).jpgThere’s a reason why successful people are up so early, because that’s usually when everyone else is still trying to get as much sleep as they can. There are less distractions to worry about so you’re able to get more done. Check out my post on fighting procrastination! 

3. Discipline – Remember how you were feeling so overwhelmed from being behind on work? Well now you aren’t because you’re getting all of it done in the morning. Maybe now you are making more time to work on your business, making sure to get your vitamins in the morning, and able to get those 20 minutes of yoga in your day. You will wake up with a better mindset everyday because you’re holding yourself accountable. If you’re able to have discipline with your morning routine, you will be able to carry that into other areas of your life as well.

4. Self-Care Zone – Creating a time in the morning just for you to get stuff done will allow you to have some time for self-care. Even 5 minutes of meditation everyday can help ease stress, anxiety, or depression. Maybe you’d like to spend 10 minutes in the morning enjoying your cup of coffee or tea on the front porch. That 5-10 minutes everyday is your “Me Time” that will allow you to start the day right!backlit-meditating-meditation-1051838 (1).jpg

5. Healthy Habits – Creating that extra time for yourself in the morning means you can make a good breakfast or even a healthy smoothie. This ties into daily self-care as well. You should be making this a daily priority because you’re starting off the day right. 

Now that you know WHY you need a morning routine, stay tuned for my post for 8 Ways to Master Your Morning Routine! Take Care!

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