Hey Thrivers! Are you a morning person or a night owl? Truth be told I have NEVER been a morning person. I mean my bed is just so comfy. Who else thinks to themselves “I’m just going to sleep for 5 more minutes” and before you know it you’ve overslept 40 minutes and now you’ve just ruined your whole morning routine because you’re starting late so what’s the point in starting at all. “I’ll try again tomorrow”. Did you know that most successful people, if not all, have a solid morning routine? They get their most important tasks done at the beginning of the day where there are fewer distractions. They work on their daydream while everyone else sleeps. But you don’t want to be on this side where you’re sleeping while they work, you want to be on the other side!

I am still learning to develop a strong morning routine but it’s important to acknowledge every bit of progress you make, big or small. I was also doing a lot of research as to what a good morning routine should consist of so I watched tons of youtube videos, checked on Pinterest for inspiration, and used my good old friend google. I’ll share some of my favorite links down below.

At the end of the day, every person’s morning routine looks different.  So it’s really important to know that your morning routine doesn’t have to look like mine because you will have different priorities. Maybe working out is more important to you so you may dedicate more time to working out. This may be something that you will have to test out in order to get a rhythm that works for you.

Here are the ways that you can MASTER your morning routine!

    • Plan out the night before – A successful start to your morning actually starts the night before. Think about what you’d like to get done tomorrow. What are your most important tasks? What do you wish to prioritize? TIP: It’s SUPER important not to overwhelm yourself with tasks, this was something I had to learn the hard way. Pick 1-2 important tasks you would like to work on: a 45-minute workout, meditate for 15 minutes, work on a blog post, work on your podcast, whatever it may be.
    • Wake up early – This is something I’m still learning to do and you may be in the same shoes as me. I would suggest starting small. Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier. And increase that time overtime. Take baby steps, it’s all about gradual changes.
    • Charge yourself up – one thing that I found most common in morning routines was to have a glass of water first thing in the morning. You go 6-8 hours “fasting” in your sleep and your body is dehydrated so it will need that in the morning. TIP: You can cater this to how you like, I prefer a detox water which consists of cucumber, lemon, and mint. But make sure to hydrate yourself.Lemon water
    • Get moving – I found that when I was waking up and doing a quick workout in the morning, I felt much better about the start of my morning. I felt energized & awake which didn’t make me want to crawl back into bed. TIP: When you’re just starting out, start small. There are free apps you can download for 7-15 minute workouts. I use the Workout for Women App. It allows you to switch up your workout so you’re not doing the same thing every day.smiling teenage girl doing push-ups at home
    • Look forward to something – The one thing I look forward to is my banana-peanut butter smoothie post workout. I love the taste of it and I feel like I’m putting something good into my body. There are tons online. Make one that works for you!
    • Make time to Meditate – This is something every successful person will tell you they do. I get it if you’re busy and feel like you have no time. Try to squeeze in just 5 minutes. It has been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation helps to clear your mind so you don’t feel a heavy weight on your shoulders. I have noticed that when I go about my day after meditating, I’m much more grateful and relaxed. I don’t feel fatigued. TIP: There are endless apps for meditation & of course YOUTUBE. I use the app Simply Being since you can adjust the timer and you can edit the background music to your liking. 
    • No distractions – While you work on the tasks you want to complete, make sure you’re not on social media or getting distracted. There are a bunch of apps and tools out there to stop you from going on your phone or browsing when you have to work such as Freedom, SelfControl, and Anti-Social.
    • Reward yourself! – Yay! You have completed your tasks. Do something to reward yourself, you’ve earned it. As you see the pattern this may be different for each person: maybe you want to go out for a morning walk, maybe you want to go out for a cup of coffee, maybe you’d like to read for a little, or browse social media.

Remember, it is easier to add on a new habit than to get rid of one!

Track your morning routine habit for the week and check your progress as you go. Take Care!

Links to resources that helped me:

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