Hey Thrivers! Are you looking for a way to improve your productivity? Productivity apps are a game changer for me because of how much time they can save for me and allow me to get more done. I know there are an endless amount of productivity apps out there currently. I wanted to share my favorite productivity apps below to help you pick up your game!

  • Audible – This has to be one of my favorites! This is an app where I believe you can really get your money’s worth. You pay a monthly subscription fee and get to listen to one book per month. If you’re someone that feels like you have no time dedicated to growth and education, then this is the app for you. I would recommend listening to a book of your choice while commuting to school or work. We spend a lot of time listening to music to and from work, you can spend that time listening to an author you love. I also like to listen to an audiobook while I’m organizing because I find that I am able to get both tasks done without sacrificing any attention to one task. 
  • Google Calendar – It doesn’t matter whether you are someone who plans on a daily basis or not. Everyone needs a calendar. I know iPhones come with the Apple calendar but if you are someone that uses an Android or wants to try a different calendar I would recommend Google calendar. There are 3 types of alerts you can set: an event, a goal, or a reminder. And then you can customize when you want it to send a notification to your phone or email. I started using google calendar for time blocking which I’m still testing out since I do have a set work schedule. Try it out, I know it will help.
  • YoutubeBelieve it or not sometimes when I’m feeling low on inspiration, I go to Youtube to watch my favorite vloggers. That’s where I get my motivation for productivity, self-care, fashion, & lifestyle tips. You’d be amazed at how much inspiration you can find there.
  • Digit – I was someone that never saved & If I did, I eventually spent it on something. But I’ve come to learn that life is unpredictable, especially adulting. There will be times when you have unexpected car repairs. It happened to me when I got a flat tire before work and had to get a new tire. This app will automatically save money from your bank account based on your spending habits. It doesn’t take out a lot of money usually it’s under $2. It will make sure to not save too much so that way you have enough for bills and extra just in case. The best part is that you can have several goals that you want: a rainy day fund, a new car you want to save up for, or a new trip you want to take.
  • A mediation app – I didn’t name an exact one because I think this is something personal to you. I highly recommend meditating, it’s not easy but it’s a great habit that can only take 5-10 minutes of your day. You’ll have better mental clarity and feel calmer and able to take on your day. I feel the difference when I don’t meditate. I have been using Simply Being for several months & just started testing out Oak. I’d recommend both. I think if you’re just starting out try Oak since it is a guided meditation.

I hope you try out these apps & you find yourself more productive. Take Care!

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