Hey Thrivers! Ask yourself this question – Are you 100% content with where you are in your life? Are you in the best shape, are you living in your dream home, do you have the best inner circle you could have asked for, are your relationships at home healthy? The answer may be NO or NOT YET. No one is perfect and no one will be able to achieve perfection in their life. Not that you should strive for perfection but there is always room to grow, improve, and better yourself and that’s why it’s important to set the right goals for yourself!

You should be setting goals for yourself so you’re not stuck in your current state forever, especially if you’re not happy in your current state. Setting goals will help you find purpose in life, define your passion, clarify what you don’t want out of life, and essentially transform your growth over time.

Now take a few minutes to really think about the following questions: What is your current state? & Where do you want your next level of life to go?


I was recently watching a training video by Dean Graziosi called Jump Start Your Success. In the training, he asked us to write down our answers to those two questions. Although it wasn’t my first time thinking about those two things, it was a great exercise to refresh my thoughts and bring clarity to what it is I’m looking for in life.

This exercise will be a great way for you to start developing your list of goals you’d like to achieve. Take your time thinking about where you want to see yourself a year from now, what it will take to get to that point, and how to overcome whatever is stopping you from getting there. Be realistic about your true fears and realize that you created those limits in your head. All change starts with action so just go for it. I didn’t realize the importance of this until my late adolescent into adult years. I was subconsciously setting goals for myself in college and achieving them to some level but I wasn’t creating that complete clarity on what success looks like to me specifically, what are my real fears, and how do I overcome them.

Remember that this concept is not about never feeling content with your life and always wanting the next thing. I want you to understand that this is about evolving and thriving. I highly recommend checking out Dean Graziosi if you want to continue learning how to achieve success in your life. https://www.deangraziosi.com/

I hope this brings you a new perspective and take some time to get real with yourself. Take Care!

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