Hey Thrivers! Are you looking to have a productive lazy day? Did you not have the perfect start to your day? Did you have a to-do list written down and just can’t seem to get anything checked off your list? Do you feel like time is just passing by and your day is just not going as you envisioned it? First off, it’s okay – it’s not the end of the world! This can happen at times. In fact, it happened to me recently and I’m sure it’s more common with even the most productive people than you think.

Sometimes we plan and plan and things just do not go as we planned and sometimes things just get in the way. One important thing to remember is not to be too hard on yourself about the days that don’t go as you thought they would. Of course, don’t make a habit of it but on the day that it may happen – here are a few things that you can do (that don’t require too much energy) that will allow you to have somewhat of a productive day.

  1. Wash your face – Why? While this does require you to get off the couch or your bed, washing your face is a great way to wake up. You will feel a little more refreshed and awake. It’s just a simple pick-me-up.
  2. Listen to an audiobook/podcast or read a book – I will always recommend getting some time to read or listen to an audiobook. It’s great because you can still lounge on the sofa as you read or listen. Plus, there are endless podcasts that will uplift you when you’re feeling lazy. One that I really like is Dean Graziosi’s Millionaire Success Habits podcasts. He covers a range of different topics and they all relate back to your mindset. If you already have one that you really enjoy, just take 5-10 mins to listen to it just to get you started.
  3. “Refueling” art session – Is there an arts and crafts hobby that you enjoy? Do you like to try DIY projects? Then take some time to do it. Have you tried those adult coloring books? This activity can help stimulate your mind and even spark some creativity.
  4. Take a walk – Okay, I lied. This requires some energy because you have to get out of your house. BUT… It will help get you going and is a more productive way of being lazy. It will stop you from binge-watching your favorite show. If you have been watching your show for a few hours, this is a great way to take a mental break and get some fresh air to help reset your thoughts. I also prefer this because your mind is not working at a crazy speed for a walk. It allows you to unwind and gain some mental clarity. 
  5. Jam it out – have a music session. Listen to your favorite tunes, make a cup of coffee or tea. I find that music can be therapeutic especially if it’s the right kind for what you’re feeling in the moment. Music is a blessing because it stimulates feelings through sound. I recommend this if you’re feeling down, listen to something to uplift you. 
  6. Skip out on social media – Have you ever told yourself, “I’m going to just look at Instagram and start my work in 20 mins” and then before you know it, two hours have passed. Social media will not be your friend on your productive lazy days. It will not help you to be productive looking at everyone else’s life and what they’re up to, sometimes it can even have a reverse effect. Put those distractions away and just be in the moment to rejuvenate yourself.
  7. Cut it in half – look at your To Do List. Cut your list in half – and look at the tasks that you can complete today, they can be the simplest ones on the list. However, getting them done means you accomplished something instead of nothing. You will end the day feeling much more content than when you started.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Always remember that not every day will be a super productive beast mode day. However, always set the intention for your day like that – a beast mode day. Learn to forgive yourself if it doesn’t go as planned. I hope you apply these tips and find yourself having a productive lazy day. Take Care!

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