Hey Thrivers! Self Care is such a vital part of your everyday life. It’s connected to your mental health, boosts productivity, boosts confidence and self-esteem, and overall is the foundation for success in my opinion. Everything starts with YOU. Self Care is a broad topic in the sense that there are different things you can do as a form of self care. But self care is more about the internal than the external. I wanted to share some with you that may help heal your mind, body, and soul. If you’re feeling good on the inside, then you will feel good on the outside and be able to take on your business, build your relationships, and feel whole.

  • Feed your mind – This is a HUGE one for me. What you listen to or feed your mind every day will have a lasting impact on your mental health so it’s important to be mindful of it and put yourself in the right environment. Here is my breakdown:
    • We spend a lot of time on social media, especially if you need to promote your brand. So make sure you are following the right people that provide you with the right vibes every day, people that will constantly motivate you. Even if you’re not seeing these people every day, you’re reading their posts and that will make a big difference over time. Some of my favorite people to follow on IG are Dean Graziosi, Jesse Itzler, ThinkGrowProsper, Jordan Cheyenne, Anna Victoria, and The LA Girl. Why? Because their posts are about constantly growing, mindset motivation, and inspiration for content.
    • Listen to audiobooks & podcasts – This is the best way to feed your mind because you get to actively select what you’re listening to. I like to listen to my audiobooks while commuting to work because I found that it put me in the right state of mind. One that I am currently loving is “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins where she discusses how she completely transformed her life using this tool. She is much more productive and successful since using this rule. If you don’t have the budget for Audible, then I highly recommend listening to podcasts, even if it’s for only 10 minutes a day. Those 10 minutes will add up over time and they may spark a new idea or help shift your mindset. Look for ones that intrigue you.
    • Youtube – Believe it or not, but there is a lot of inspiration on youtube. Business ideas, content creation, and just creativity all around. There are content creators talking about organizing your home, creating DIY projects on a budget, time-saving hacks, money saving tips, and so much! There are endless videos that you can watch during downtime to help you get in the right mindset, to get inspired, and to get moving with your life!
  • Meditation – There is so much research on how meditation has helped provide mental clarity and helped reduce anxiety and depression. But don’t take my word for it, successful entrepreneurs and celebrities such as Jay Shetty, Oprah, Kobe Bryant, and Jennifer Aniston meditate each day. It helps you to practice mindfulness, to let go of distractions, and be in the moment. Start off with 5 minutes a day and you will notice a difference.
  • Me Time – Spend some time doing different activities to help you learn more about yourself. I don’t think we do this often or are not as conscious about it. I recommend this because trying new things means getting out of your comfort zone and seeing what makes you feel good inside. It’s really to help you have new experiences and figure yourself out. I have a huge fear of heights but I had gone on a trip to the Poconos and mustered the courage to go zip lining 1000 feet above the ground! It was an experience I will never forget and I am super proud of myself for facing my fear. Next on my list: rock climbing and a pottery class! action-active-athlete-419293.jpg
  • Daily Affirmations – I didn’t realize how important this was until I started doing it. One thing that I often came across is the importance of daily affirmations, the constant positive reminders help to shape your mindset (See the pattern here…mindset training). One thing that I have found that is the key to effective daily affirmations is to say it as if it is your present life. So you already have a thriving business, your dream home, on your dream vacation, whatever the case may be. It has to be your present because if you see it as the future, it will stay that way. Of course, if you’re not working towards that vision then it will just stay as a vision, so you have to make actions steps towards it. Remember, your only limit is you. So these affirmations will knock down self-doubt. You need to believe in your vision and make it a reality.
  • Decluttering – A cluttered environment will result in a cluttered mind. I can say that with confidence from experience. If I didn’t organize my work environment then I would be behind on work, wouldn’t accomplish any of my goals, and just was not productive overall. There was a really interesting quote I read the other day which went something along the lines of “Look at the clutter around you, that was money once”. And it’s true. So take a look around your house – see what things you don’t use, you don’t need, you don’t wear. Sell what you can, donate what you can, and throw the rest away. You don’t need so much excess in your life. This is an ongoing process, so dedicate a little time each day to one section of your house that you think needs decluttering – your desk, your fridge, your nightstand, etc. Do a little bit each day. It will make a big difference over time.apartment-chair-contemporary-509922.jpg
  • Be BORED! – I was recently listening to an audiobook where the reader mentioned the importance of being bored. We are living in a time where technology plays a huge role in our lives. When we are bored, what do we do? We go on our phones, on Netflix, or watch TV. But there is beauty hidden behind boredom. Boredom may actually help to spark your creativity. Things like going fishing, going to a park, or just sitting in silence. That’s why activities such as meditation have helped improve my mental clarity so much. Try it out! adventure-daylight-freedom-1134188.jpg

I find these to be the most important self-care habits that have helped transform my everyday life and can do the same for you as well. Test them out and see what sticks with you. I hope that a year from now, you are looking at a whole new you. Take Care!  

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