Hey Thrivers! Are you stuck in the same place you were a year ago? I found myself in the same place for the most part of 2018. I honestly was in a rut for several months. I never wanted to get off my bed, didn’t want to go out, didn’t want to do anything. I still fight those feelings some days but I have been able to overcome them because I’ve worked on building my mental strength and surrounding myself with positivity. While I’m still not 100% at the point I envision myself being (based on my current goals) I have made progress. I think it’s really important to acknowledge all steps taken forward, even if they’re baby steps. One of the things that I started doing in the last few months in 2018 and am taking with me in 2019 are Daily Affirmations. Specifically, positive daily affirmations that are particular to my goals and the life I envision for myself.

So why the heck do you hear people say that daily affirmations are so important?

It is the DAILY practice of reminding yourself the position you want to be in life. However, the key is that you say the affirmations to yourself as if it is your present life, not something you wish to achieve in the future. I’ll get to the importance of that in a second.

I feel that in today’s age, there is much more room for self-doubt. I don’t want to make social media seem like a big evil monster, there are good and bad things about it. However, one of the not so positive things is that we are constantly bombarded with highlights of great moments in people’s lives,  for the most part – their successes, their victories, their amazing life. We don’t get to see the struggle it takes to become successful, the level of self-discipline it requires or the sacrifices made in that process. Because of this distorted perception we scroll through every day, it fosters self-doubt because we compare our life to others.

“I don’t think I can do this”

“Am I good enough?”

“Will people even like this?”

“Why is my life not like this?”

“I want this but I’m never going to have this” 

NO. You can achieve the life you want, you just have to work your way to get there. Daily Affirmations are so great because they are designed in a way to help eliminate that self-doubt if done right. There are statements about your life, your being, your relationship with yourself and others. Part of my daily affirmations include what my life looks like, what my family life is like, my health, what kind of car I drive, what my day looks like, even my social life. They have to be specific.

So why are you doing this? You need to remind yourself everyday what it is you’re working towards in order to help prevent yourself from getting back in those bad habits. You’re not going to have better health if you eat sweets all day. Your business is not going to grow if you’re doing the same thing over and over and not being creative. You will not grow as a person if you stay in your house all day. It takes courage to move forward and one of the practices you need to implement today are daily affirmations. Put the action behind those words, but those daily affirmations will remind you why you’re hustling every day. Staying consistent is probably one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, I recommend an app called Habitify which sends you reminders that you set for what you’d like to get done that day.

If you haven’t yet checked out my Morning Routine Tips, you’re missing out. Check it out now!

Take care!

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