Hey Thrivers! One of my earlier post was about the importance of Daily Affirmations. I had delved a little bit into what your daily affirmations should include. But I would like to go into detail about specifically what you should include in them.

There are many different approaches to daily affirmations and as you progress in your life, these affirmations will definitely change. I was completing a manifesting exercise once in which I was asked to list out what my life would look in different areas and I had to be specific. Things such as:

  • What did my health look like
    • What was my weight?
    • How many times did I go to the gym?
    • What did I eat?
    • How did I feel?
  • What did my dream job look like?
    • Was it my own business?
    • What did my typical workday look like?
    • Did I wake up everyday feeling passionate about it?
    • What was my income for the year?
  • What was the quality of my relationships?
    • Am I married to an amazing partner?
    • Did I have an inner circle?
    • Did I have high-quality relationships?
    • Did I surround myself with people that encouraged and lifted me up?

I had to get very specific about these things. Once I completed the exercise, I had to do it again. This time with an even bigger vision. After the fact, I went through my list and came up with my very own list of affirmations that basically included what my everyday life would be and who I surrounded myself with. Those are the affirmations I have been saying to myself for the past several months.

At the moment, I am listening to an audiobook called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod in which he discusses his daily affirmations. Hal actually has 3 different types that he shares. I am in the process of updating my daily affirmations but I would recommend to check out his link as well. He shares a whole array of resources that you can download for free.

I hope this helps. Take Care!

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