Hey Thrivers! Oh boy is today’s topic a fun one! Have you ever struggled with staying organized? Did you have a hard time keeping your stuff organized, or your mind organized, or both?! I can vouch that I have struggled with both and still do at times. I can get organized and then at some point have to reset and organize everything again. I think it’s also just a natural part of the process if you’re tapping into your creative side more often as well.

Plus, since I started watching the Netflix Series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” I have been excited to redo my closet especially. Is anyone else just as obsessed with her?! She’s so soft spoken but she’s so good at what she does.

But nonetheless, I don’t have a magic wand sadly that I can wave and declutter your life within an instant. Don’t I wish I did though?! It would save so much time and unnecessary mental chaos. These tips that I’d like to share are ones that work for me and will help you to consistently work on keeping your space organized, hopefully without it getting completely out of control.

  • Daily/Weekly Pick-Me-Up – This is not a pick-me-up like an ice cream sundae. What I mean here is: at the end of your week or even at some point in the middle of the week, can you dedicate 30 mins to 1 hour doing a quick clean up around your house. As you’re doing this, think if the item is going in its rightful place. One tip is to keep one basket in a room where you can just put items in so they don’t clutter up the room. Then you can go through it and put them away more easily.
  • Create an office space – If you’re working from home or need a designated space for something, then I suggest creating a designated space because this will make it easier to have any items needed in one spot. Plus, it will motivate you to get work done. One tip to keep your office space clean is to get anything unrelated to that area out of there. That way when you have to organize, you’re just organizing items for your office and it will cut down the time.
  • Declutter – I think in our society, we have just become accustomed to accumulating things. Clutter is the enemy of organization. One time I was scrolling on Pinterest and it was a quote that went something along the lines of, “Look at all the clutter around you, that used to be money once.” And it just hit me because it’s true. Therefore, once a month do a quick declutter session for one area that is constantly disorganized. Donate what you can and dispose of what has no use. Doing it this way will allow you to make change overtime without getting overwhelmed. Another tip in relation to this is don’t add to the clutter. Every item you bring into your space, bring with intention. Is it something that sparks joy? Is it something you see having a place in your house?
  • Time Batching – If you find yourself completely booked and busy throughout the week to organize, then one option you have is to time batch. Time Batching is basically when you set aside a time in which you group a bunch of similar activities for that set amount of time. If you know you have a 3 hour time slot open on Saturday Morning, then dedicate that slot to organizing the places you need to: your car, your office, your home. Doing so will save you time throughout the week.
  • Have a calendar/planner – This is always a must need for me. You won’t remember everything coming up in your week or month if you don’t lay it out. Whether you prefer a digital one or a paper version, have it handy with you. One issue I often have is that there are certain things I have to coordinate with my family. So ask anyone that will play a part in your calendar if anything important is coming up, especially if you know you have some free time. Make sure nothing conflicts so you can get it done. You can even have a family calendar and then a personal one.
  • Get the right storage containers and organizers – One thing I am working on now is my closet using the KonMari Method. Since I don’t use drawers, I am looking for storage organizers so I can fold the clothes using her method and then it will help to keep them organized consistently.
  • Get helpers – If you know that tackling one area to organize is too overwhelming, find someone to help you – family or friends. Those are some really kind friends if they are willing to help you! They will even help to keep you accountable so you get it done and don’t procrastinate.
  • Turn off all distractions – This is a simple and a must. There’s no way you can be efficient with time if you’re distracted by the TV or your phone. Turn it off, get shit done, and make your life easier!

I hope these tips can help you to stay organized on a day to day basis. If you’re looking to get more out of your morning or your time, check out my other posts as well! Take Care!

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