“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Happy Friday Thrivers!

Happy International Women’s Day! Today’s post is dedicated to all the women in my life who have taught me some great lessons! I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by strong female role models in my life in many of my relationships, whether personal or professional.

I hope you enjoy this and can relate to some, if not all, of these lessons.

  • Root for each other – Growing up, I have had friends and been surrounded by some females who were not always happy for my accomplishments and I think that in part being around that kind of energy had a negative influence on my life. However, I have to say that my mom and my sisters were always very supportive of each other, as a family should be, and that positive influence was much stronger than the negative. Now that I am older and I look to endless female entrepreneurs, authors, and boss babes for encouragement, I realize the importance of supporting each other. Celebrate each person’s journey and milestones like you would your own. Spread positivity and you will receive that in return as well!

  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way – This is a big one for me because I think that being raised in an Indian/Pakistani household, there is a lot of unresolved stigma around women and their professional careers. Luckily for me, growing up in the U.S a lot of that stigma was diminished because the social role of women in society changed and developed over time. I got the chance to see my mom, a mother of 5 children, to go on and get training on becoming a medical assistant. My sister and I were able to complete our post-secondary education. My grandma went on to become a huge driving force for the Pakistani Christian community here in NY and get recognized for her efforts. She didn’t speak English fluently but she was able to make a difference during her time here in the U.S. One of my closest friends traveled to the U.S on her own to build a life for herself. I get to see all the women in my life wear different hats and still go after the life they would like for themselves no matter what stage they are in their life.
  • “You can waste your life drawing lines or you can live your life crossing them.” – Don’t ever settle. One thing that I am always working on improving is self-doubt. If you don’t believe you are worth it, then no one else will see that you are either. I am learning each day that it is okay to be different, it is okay to disagree, it is okay to voice your opinion and be honest. When you are yourself, you are the best version of yourself.
  • There’s beauty and healing in forgiveness – Have you ever had a disagreement with a bestie or family member? It happens and sometimes when there is, it usually comes from a place of love. Sometimes we have to put our ego aside and just have a conversation about the issue. If you are in a healthy relationship with that person and it is a mutual relationship of love and care, then forgiveness is the route.

  • Sometimes you don’t have to use your words, just your actions – There have been many times where I have had to face the reality that some people are still under the impression that this is just a man’s world. I experienced it firsthand and have seen the women in my family experience it too where they have been put in a box just because they are a woman. Don’t feel that you have to address each person every time. Nine times out of ten, it will not be worth your time and you will not be able to change every person’s mindset. Your words may not change their mind but your actions may make them think twice. Instead, focus on yourself and reaching those goals for yourself. Remember, there is room for men and women at the same table.

I hope these lessons I’ve shared brought some positivity and got you thinking today. Think about anyone that you may be a role model for and how you can work on yourself to be a better example for others. Wishing you peace and happiness. Take Care!

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