Hey Thrivers! Is it just me or does anyone else feel a little overwhelmed by the idea of spring cleaning? I love reading and watching videos on spring cleaning tips. But I just feel like it’s such a big task to accomplish for a short amount of time. When I think of spring cleaning, I think of turning your whole house upside down and cleaning it out like when you’re trying to take all the garbage out of your bag. I wanted to share some of my spring cleaning tips to help you tackle the large task little by little or to customize it to your liking. These key spaces in my spring cleaning tips are the spaces I feel you should pay extra attention to during the season.

But I am determined to change that. If you’re someone who is constantly decluttering and organizing things around your house then Spring Cleaning can be a great addition to your routines. If you’re someone that has not been able to get to your spring cleaning done yet and are stuck on what to tackle, these are some key areas you can work on:

  • Clothing – Some things that I have already worked on was decluttering my closet with the KonMari method. I donated and got rid of anything that did not spark joy essentially. This is a great opportunity to bring out your spring items which may also spark some inspiration for the new season. I have shelving units as well as a hanging rod so I folded most of my clothes into organizers. I just used organizers I found around the house. But you can also pick up organizers from dollar tree if you’re on a budget.clothes hanging on rail in white wardrobe
  • Bathroom – I started decluttering my bathroom and got rid of many products that were not being used or were expired. Currently, I am in the process of getting a new shelf unit for the bathroom to replace the current one. Go through your products and get rid of the ones that are expired, not being used, or nearly done. Reorganize everything so the items you are reaching for everyday are in easy reach. If you’re someone like me and don’t like having so many products out in the open, there are endless options for furniture pieces to help you utilize the space even if it is a small bathroom. For example, the cabinet I am looking into is over the toilet storage since I don’t have a large bathroom. It’s a great way to incorporate functional space.
  • Kitchen organizing – I have a big family and we have accumulated a lot of kitchen items over the years. A few months ago, I had gone through all of the top cabinets and got rid of unused dishes or unnecessary items. I organized the shelves according to different categories and labeled all the shelves. It felt AMAZING. Recently I went through the pantry and did a quick reorganizing and decluttering. Another place you have to do is the fridge. You can time batch and dedicate a few hours to organizing the kitchen.
  • Digital detox – I feel like this is such an important one that I have overlooked for too long! This spring season do a digital detox. Go through your social media accounts and unfollow anyone that is contributing negative energy or thoughts in your life. I was recently speaking to someone who shared such a great thing she does, I don’t know why I haven’t done this. She has a separate email for all of her shopping alerts, sales, rewards, subscriptions and a separate email for the more important things. This way you are able to organize the important emails in one spot and you’re not wasting time filtering through them or missing them because it’s lost in a pile.modern kitchen interior

I hope your spring cleaning is a success even if you have to do it in increments like myself. May your spring season be a time of growth, inspiration, and joy! Take care!

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