Hey Thrivers! Are you currently experiencing yourself at a low point in life? Are you asking yourself how to stay motivated and happy? Do you feel demotivated because things are just not going your way or the universe is just taking too long to send the right things your way? I wanted to share different ways on how to stay motivated and happy even in your low moments.

Well, I am in the same boat with you right now. Demotivated. Unhappy. Stuck. During the month of June, I found myself having deep revelations about what I am doing with my life. While it did feel like a light bulb went off in my head, I also have been feeling insanely anxious because of my mindset shift.

Some of the revelations I had were wanting to find a place of my own and move out of my parents. I felt like I had prioritized family my whole life, and while it still is one of my top priorities, I put my needs on the back burner at times. It was time to detach myself and do my own thing. I completed graduate school in a field that I am not entirely sure I am passionate about because I felt like that’s what I was supposed to do and that doing so would bring me validation from my parents. What really lights up a fire in me is hearing stories and sharing stories, impacting lives in a positive way, connecting with people, having meaningful conversations, traveling and exploring new places. I wasn’t doing any of that these past few years.

I came across a quote that said, “Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing” and it really stood out to me because it applies so perfectly in my life and maybe yours too. So I decided it’s time for change. It’s time to change jobs, change where I live even if it’s not a major move, time to change my goals, my priorities, and time to choose me first. It’s not selfish, it’s important. Choosing me first allows me to be a better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, and a better person.

Since I decided that I wanted to move out, that meant finding a new job that can support me financially to make the move. But the job search has been excruciatingly difficult which makes it harder to reach my current goal of moving out. Let me tell you, that can get really frustrating!

So I’ve had to find ways to stay motivated and I hope these reminders and tips help you to stay motivated towards your goals as well:

  • This too shall pass – This low point that you may be experiencing will not last a lifetime. Yes, it’s not fun now but have faith in the timing of things falling into place. The more you fixate on something not working out, the more you will dread your time experiencing it.
  • Learn to be happy now – I know this is such an over-optimistic point of view. However, there is something super important I want to share that I was reminded of – learn to be happy now when everything is not perfect because it won’t be perfect later either.
  • Let’s say you’re like me and want to start your own business but right now, in order to sustain yourself you may need to work a full-time job and work for someone else. If you don’t learn to be happy now and appreciate the imperfections in life, you will not learn to be happy and appreciate the imperfections of running your own business. There will be many times where things will not be all “peaches and cream” when you’re your own boss. If you practice the art of being happy in spite of external situations, you will achieve true peace of mind. But this is not easy at all, so we have to work on it everyday. Start your day with 3 things you’re grateful for. What is going well that could have gone bad? Focus on the right things.
  • Sit down and write your goals again – set a preferred timeline for these things. Sometimes when you’re put in a situation where you’re pressed for time, it makes you hustle harder to reach your goals. Imagine yourself with specifics of that goal. For example, if you’re looking for a new job: where are you working, how much are you making, how are the people you work with, what makes the job worth it?, so on and so forth. Do this with each goal and set a preferred deadline for it.
  • Think about things that bring you peace and do that – I know for me when I am too wrapped up in my thoughts that I start getting anxious, I need to spend time outside to decompose. Luckily for me, it’s summertime in NY which means I am getting a lot more vitamin D everyday. I found myself hiking often and going for walks. If I went out to explore, I was usually outdoors surrounded by nature. This calmed me and centered me back to focusing on what I want right now out of life. Figure out what clears your mind, do it often to get you out of the wrong headspace.

These little tips and reminders have helped me tremendously as I continue to experience this phase of growth in my life. I am working on it each day and trying to stay focused and happy through it all. You can’t stay stuck on your bed hoping for change to just knock on your door. You have to go out and make it happen.

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, focus on what you can create.”

Create happiness, create a vision, and create the life you want. One step at a time.

Shine on Thrivers!

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