Hey Thrivers! Why should you invest in yourself? I wanted to talk about the importance of investing in yourself today and why I believe that everyone should make this a priority.

First off, what does investing in yourself even mean? I think it holds a different meaning for each person. For me, investing in myself entails growing my mind, body, and soul and pushing past the limitations I impose on myself.

For my mind: I like to meditate, journal, listen to podcasts and audibles, read different quotes, read autobiographies, surround myself with the right influences, and be open to hearing perspectives that may not align with mine so I am constantly asking questions and expanding my thoughts.

For my body: it’s about researching the right foods, lifestyle diets, dancing, learning about exercise, and pushing my body so I feel stronger and better each time.

For my soul: it’s about having meaningful conversations with people who want to lift me up and being there to lift up others, it’s about taking hikes and practicing mindfulness, it’s about smiling through the lows and being grateful for the highs, and learning to love myself each day and accepting the beauty in my imperfections.

So why the fuck is this so important?! I don’t know how many of us actually view these different things as investing in oneself. But if you’re not dedicating a little time each day to investing in yourself, you will not experience wholistic growth in your life. Your success in love, wealth, career, and relationships is intertwined with how well you know yourself and what you are doing to improve yourself each day.

Take some time and think about it for a couple minutes: what are doing each day to invest in yourself? What do you need to do more of? What do you need to eliminate or do less of? How is each thing you’re doing going to benefit your personal growth? How is it going to trickle into the other areas of your life: your career, your relationships, your love life?

For each person, it will be a unique set of things because everyone’s priorities and paths are different. Life is about evolving. Fill your life with adventure, whatever that may mean for you.

Shine on Thrivers!

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