I know that having to be quarantined at home can be a challenge and you’re trying to find ways on how to keep yourself busy and we are getting more sucked into picking up our phones are mindlessly browsing online for hours, at least that’s been my problem. If you have been wondering how to keep yourself busy, then this is your place for some ideas.

I wanted to share different things I have been doing so far and plan to do to keep myself busy during this time and I hope it helps you out too. These are positive things that I think will help you during this difficult time. I’ve learned that it’s not about being a productivity robot but more so about finding the peace during a chaotic time:

  • Decluttering – this is big one because I find that clutter causes a huge mental block for me. I was using my time prior to the quarantine to travel and enjoy time with friends and family from time to time. Work had taken a huge chunk of my time and having to move back to my parents temporarily shifted my focus on rearranging all my belongings. My first week of quarantine was dedicated to decluttering. Being that I live in a relatively large household with pets, it tends to clutter up pretty fast. I worked on different areas that I felt needed the most attention first: kitchen pantry, living room, and my bedroom. Taking some time each day to decluttering a space has done wonders for me mentally, not to mention keeping me occupied.
  • Starting a free online course – Due to people being home there are many resources available to us now more than ever to help them us through this unique time. One resource is a free online course offered by Yale University on on “The Science of Well-Being” since I was intrigued by what the course had to offer. It’s not about teaching the theories but about applying them to your life making it different from a typical lecture. If that kind of course is not your cup of tea, there are many other courses that you can check out available to you.
  • Meditation Challenge – This was a practice I mentioned multiple times on my blog here that I had fallen out of practice with. I had noticed how much my mental health had been affected because of my work environment at my new job, especially since the virus outbreak. Entrepreneur Jay Shetty has this awesome 20 day guided Meditation Challenge that I have been partaking in – I would highly recommend you try it out. There are also apps that are now offering a free service to help individuals get through this difficult time like the Balance App.
  • Workout Challenges! – With gyms being closed and everyone being confined to their homes, we now have to find different ways with getting our exercises in. Make sure you are moving your body whenever you can because your mental self will thank you for it. There is this really fun workout challenge that I recently started – I recommend you have your family join in with you at home to keep you motivated. This is a 21 day quarantine workout challenge with no equipment by fitness trainer Vicky Justiz. I had started her workout program in the summer and saw amazing results. This workout program is FREE and all videos can be accessed on her youtube channel. The workouts range from 20-30 minutes. There are an endless amount of live workouts being done as well!
  • Trying new recipes at home – The virus has all of us trying to find different meals to prepare at home. While I have been blessed to share a household with natural chefs, I’m also learning fun things to make. Recently we tried homemade donuts which were a huge hit and our nieces joined in with us.
This is how they turned out on our first try!

I know that keeping yourself occupied with the right activities can be very difficult. But I just find that keeping the news turned on all day is not helping me. Picking up the phone and calling your loved ones has been super helpful. I try and get a walk in from time to time to get some sun and take precaution to follow social distancing guidelines. Picking up a book of your choice and reading for 20 minutes a day or spending an hour towards a skill you’ve always wanted to learn is a great way to spend your time wisely.

Wishing you well. Take Care!

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