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Just wanted to share some time saving hacks that have helped me. Although we are quarantined in the house and all we have right now is more time on our hands, I’d like to make better use of my time doing things that I had been putting off before. On the days that you feel motivated enough to get things done I hope these tips can help you out as well.

  1. 20 Minute Timer – I feel like this hack has been helping me to stay on top of different areas of the house that need to be cleaned without feeling overwhelmed with a large task. The hack is basically setting a 20 minute timer and dedicating 20 minutes to decluttering a space. While 20 minutes may not seem like enough, the reality is your mind becomes focused on completing that task. You won’t be distracted because you trick your brain into concentrating on how much you can accomplish in those 20 minutes. I did this recently with my sibling on a small area of our room that we had been wanting to tackle. We both just focused for 20 minutes and the 20 minutes ended up being enough time for us.
  2. Planning what I want to accomplish for the week – I have been having a love/hate relationship with planning things out for myself since being quarantined. But I do find I perform well with a certain level of structure. I wrote down a few tasks I would like to accomplish for the week in addition to things I do now as part of my routine (meditation, exercise, etc.) While I’m still working on developing a better routine for myself – I find that developing that little bit of structure this way has helped me to stay on track of priorities. I would stick to 3-5 manageable tasks for the week.
  3. Starting off my day with my Protein Smoothie – I have my protein smoothie every morning because it fills me up and is a quick way to start my day. If you haven’t yet seen my post on what ingredients I use, I’ll link it here! Doing this saves me time without having to wonder about what I want to eat in the morning. I would make this before heading to work as well prior to the quarantine due to COVID-19. For those of you that are working from home now, I think it’s one less thing to have to stress about while adjusting to your new routine.

This last one is not really a hack per say but another way I avoid wasting my time. Iphones now have a limit that you can set for your social media accounts so you don’t stay on for long periods of time. However, I’ve been finding myself deleting the apps on my phone for the day and when I get my work done for the day then I’ll re-download them. I just find that doing this (as tedious as it can seem) just limits how much time I waste mindlessly browsing.

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