Hey Thrivers! It’s been a couple of weeks since being quarantined at home due to COVID-19. The biggest obstacle, fortunately, that I’ve faced is how to motivate myself. I think a lot of us who like to stay busy are asking how to motivate yourself. Although it’s definitely a blessing to be safe at home during this crazy time, it can get a little difficult keeping yourself motivated. Some of us are unemployed, some of us are working from home, and some of us are just learning to cope with your anxiety during this crazy time. There are some tips I wanted to share on how to motivate yourself and these are steps that I’ve taken that just make the days simpler and less stressful. I choose to focus on the activities and moments that bring me peace.

Being that I live with 6 other adults in the house, it’s been challenging to create a space for myself especially when I try to avoid watching the news while other members in the house prefer to watch it to stay updated. I just find that watching the news constantly has been demotivating. In general it is easy to feel demotivated during this time, but there are ways to making the best of your situation even on your off days.

  • Self-Care – One of the best pick me ups is to take some time to take care of myself. This may mean different things for you. Generally I like to pamper and destress by doing facials and a spa day. I usually find that doing a physical cleanse also helps as a mental cleanse so a hot shower is always a great way to reset. Make sure you’re dressing up and not staying in your PJs all day long. This usually contributes to me being lazy throughout the day. Something as simple as that can change your energy & attitude for the day.
  • Push-through – Sometimes the limit is just in our head. We may feel demotivated but something as simple as making that first step can help you to get over your slump. As minor as this may sound I have found this to work in my case. The other day I procrastinated getting my workout in and I contemplated if I should just skip out or just get the workout done. Just getting up and changing into my workout clothes was enough to have me keep going and I felt much better after getting it done. If you’re able to catch on – the pattern here is how small physical changes can shift your perspective mentally.
  • Break down your big task into smaller tasks – Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed having one task and because of that feeling we end up procrastinating. I find that spending a little time each day on that task makes it become much more manageable over time. Set a 20 minute timer that day towards a small task that works towards that bigger task. Another thing I recently learned is that you are not a procrastinator, you just have a habit of procrastinating, which means you can break that habit and create a new one instead.
  • Reward yourself after you complete a smaller task dedicated to the bigger task. – I think it’s important to reward yourself from time to time to motivate you for getting the job done. Make sure it’s an appropriate reward in relation to the task you got done. It can be something as simple as watching your favorite Netflix show at the end of the day.
  • Your physical health contributes to your mental health – I found that during the days I was eating a lot of sugar because of stress from work that it affected my moods heavily and led to constantly feeling down and demotivated. Make sure you’re eating well, try and incorporate fruits or veggies into your diet, definitely make sure you’re drinking enough water, and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Lack of sleep has been linked to low mood levels and lack of energy.
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Remind yourself what your goals during this time. Why do you want to accomplish this task? What is this going to do for you? Surround yourself with positive people and connect with friends that uplift you. Sometimes we get so focused on how far we have to go that we forget to acknowledge how far we have actually come. Give yourself credit your hard work and just take it one day at a time.

Take Care!

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