Hey Thrivers! If you’re someone that is constantly trying to boost your creativity and tap into your creativity well – then this post is for you. I find myself constantly getting into creative blocks especially with the current pandemic, I have found myself more demotivated than ever. I decided to start reading this book called The Artist’s Way on Audible. Author Julia Cameron shares great tips and thoughts on ways to boost your creativity as well as coming to terms with certain truths of creators. I wanted to share some great things I have learned and applied so far to help with boosting creativity.

  • Morning Pages – I have mentioned morning pages on my blog before as a great addition to your morning routine to help boost productivity. I was not anticipating the author mentioning this but she explains how this helps boost creativity. Doing morning pages allows you to brain dump. There’s no right or wrong way to do this but the act allows you to clear your mind. All those random thoughts contribute to our creative blocks so doing this practice allows you to clear your mind and start with a fresh canvas mentally.
  • Artist’s Date – I absolutely loved this concept and realized I was not doing this enough. Cameron recommended that you dedicate 2 hours a week to this practice of an activity that you do by yourself. It can be anything like going to the beach for example. For me, it’s hiking. From my personal experience, doing this activity on your own allows for you to be with your own thoughts for a bit and clear your mind. She said that artist’s should be aware enough to be able to replenish their creative well.
  • Explore what intrigues you – this was a very profound concept. Cameron mentions paying attention to all the little things and moments that stimulate your mind related to the five senses. It can be something as simple as listening to music for ten minutes, cooking, or even something as simple as peeling a banana. Our minds are constantly working so this is a great opportunity to focus on those activities and engage in them as often as we can.
  • Recognize mental blocks – A great solution Cameron offered to break mental blocks are affirmations. I recommend doing these as often as possible – even everyday before bed or first thing in the morning. Any limiting beliefs you may have contribute to mental blocks. Some examples of affirmations are – “I am great at painting and genuinely talented”, “My creativity heals myself and others”, or “I am willing to create”.
  • Dealing with constructive criticism – Constructive criticism is not a bad thing. In fact, Cameron says that creativity is a cure for criticism. She recommends the best way to deal with criticism is to jot it down and genuinely think about what works for you and what doesn’t. What part of the criticism is useful. Then go back to a good review you received to uplift yourself as well.

Lastly I wanted to share some tasks offered in the book to help you boost your creativity. I find that they are great activities that you may already be doing.

  1. List 20 things you enjoy doing
  2. Write down where all your time goes – try it for a week if you need to manage your time better
  3. Describe 5 traits you liked in yourself as a child
  4. Call a friend who believes in you and uplifts you
  5. Make a list of friends who nurture you

These methods and tips offered were so enlightening and some of which I had already practiced before. There are other great points that Cameron offers in the book. One was to learn to be okay with being a bad artist because that allows us to be an artist in the first place. You want your focus to be the process and not the product. There may be times where we procrastinate creating because we are so put off by wanting a perfect product that we forget to enjoy the process. We forget to enjoy all the little imperfections that make up our product. Our product tells a story through our process, a story that is unique to each one of us.

Take Care!

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