Hey Thrivers! I have been in quarantine for about 3 months now and wanted to share what my experience has been like. Back in late March I was laid off of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic like many others and had to begin being quarantined at home. I had moved back into my parent’s house that month and now had to quarantine with a household full of 6 other adults, 2 kids, and 4 pets. I mean I had lived with them for mostly my whole life so this should be okay, right? Well since I had experienced a transition from “normal life” which consisted of going out and being on my own for a several months, I now was going into a different “normal”. Here are some things I’ve come to learn and appreciate while in quarantine:

  • Putting my health first – Since having started a new job I had fallen out of my workout routine. I was constantly stressed and when I was nearing towards late March when the pandemic got worse, my work environment became stressful and I found that I was stress eating a lot. So the first thing I did was establish a routine for working out everyday because I find that it makes me feel good about myself and gives me mental clarity. My day feels incomplete without getting a good workout in. Putting that discipline back in my life made me feel like I had some control in my life during a very uncertain time. I recently shared how I crushed my fitness goals.
  • Re-learning and developing better relationships at home – Quarantine forced my family members and I to be together more often that we had in a long time. We were all used to having different hectic schedules. Having to share a space constantly was a learning process all over again. While there have been many times that we all wanted to strangle each other, we learned to work as a team. We would share the load on cooking and cleaning, getting chores done, and we even started a few new projects together as a family. We started clearing out our garage and started a garden in our backyard. Both projects allowed us to set aside everything else going on and to work as a team.
  • Finding therapy in simple activities – Being in quarantine allowed me to stop and invest time into things that needed my attention. Decluttering and organizing my belongings was a big part of that throughout quarantine. Another activity was gardening, which proved to be really therapeutic for me. It was truly a labor of love and I love getting to see the plants growing and hopefully will get to yield a fruitful harvest very soon.
  • Appreciate all the people in your life that uplift you even in difficult times – I found that my anxiety had heightened in quarantine. I had gone through some ups and downs and at some point didn’t have the energy to keep up with all of my relationships. I had to get out of my own head and reconnect with my loved ones during this time. Having those conversations and having a circle of friends that genuinely just cares for you is the real upgrade in life. Having this unique experience just taught me to appreciate the people in my life even more.

In reality, when I look back at the past three months I realized that it was a break I needed. I needed to re-evaluate my goals, my relationships, and take a second to count my blessings. I fought with feelings of not feeling useful, feelings of anxiety, and feelings of frustration. But I am now much more grateful and hopeful for my future. I feel like I was able to take a pause after going through a few months of growth that were not easy for me.

I encourage all of you to reflect on what this quarantine has taught you so far, even the smallest things. Think about how you may have changed or grown in these past three months. Appreciate all the little steps and wins.

Take Care!

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