Hey Thrivers ! It’s Red. You might be saying “Who is this hunny?” Let me explain. In the past I’ve been a fan of the Aspire to Thrive blog, and a big supporter of the person who writes it, Ms. Puar. I can sit here and write an autobiography about myself for you all to get to know me but… I think reading my writing will help you connect with me much more than just me going into a self loving, maybe part narcissistic, rant about myself. 

        So, let’s get into it. The title of this blog, “Aim for an A-, Not an A+.” Let’s be real. We all want an A+ on a test and in life. You want an A+ on how you interact with the world around you, assessing yourself based on validation you receive from the people around you. If you are in a rush reading this. Here’s the gist – don’t be so hard on yourself.

Okay now grab that pre-packaged croissant and that coffee you probably put too much sugar in and rush out to get to where you need to go! -Or. Take a second, and seriously, don’t be so hard on yourself. Every day we spend we are constantly judging ourselves before someone else has the chance to do so. Finding out our flaws, admitting defeat in ourselves. Let me explain a bit where that comes from. It’s because you’re looking for that A+, and to get to that A+, you’ll attempt to rid yourself of any flaw there might be in you. If that’s true for you, keep reading. If it’s not, still keep reading ! You started this, now you better see it to the end! Just kidding. Maybe. 

        Aim for the A-, reason being, you are accepting that you are flawed. You aren’t perfect but you are pretty close to it. Allow yourself to be goofy, to get embarrassed. You know that dress you put on recently that looked “soooooooo good” on the model on Amazon.com but for some reason doesn’t look good on you. Is it the dress you’re judging or is it yourself? Answer the next question honestly. Do you truly love yourself? Please know, when I say , don’t be an A+, I am not saying you aren’t perfect, I am saying you aren’t a robot. Be an A- means you’re human, you make mistakes, just like you would on a test. You work so hard on yourself everyday, I know it, you know it, the dude on Instagram who keeps asking you to send him pictures of your toes knows it. And It’s true, as a human you have weak moments of sadness, high moments of joy, moments where you feel ugly, and other moments where you feel like a bawse. 

        Remember that while being an A+ is great, it’s unrealistic, and you are real. You are human, and you are an A-. And damn, do you make it look good.

Till next time – Keep thriving!

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