Hey Thrivers! I wanted to talk about something that hits home – MY FITNESS ROUTINE AT HOME and how I’ve managed to make it work for me! But more importantly, how you can make it work for you. I know have an at home fitness routine is difficult for a lot of us especially with the lack of equipment. The worldwide pandemic has forced us to figure out how to continue on our fitness journey since gyms were closed. To be honest, I was always more successful working out at home than at a gym. I know it’s usually been the opposite for the majority of people I know. They all were more successful going to a gym. I wanted to share things I’ve done to help me continue on my fitness journey.

I don’t know about you but my willpower at home is definitely challenged when it comes to developing a fitness routine. I began my fitness journey at home over a year ago. It started with a month long challenge with my siblings and then became something bigger. Being that I have PCOS, losing weight was a struggle for me. In addition to adjusting my diet due to the hormone imbalance, I developed a fitness regime that did not feel overwhelming. I credit my start to Vicky Justiz. I found that her workouts were just the right amount of fun and challenging. I started with her 8 week program. I usually was never successful with workout programs but I think with this one because it was 2 months instead of 3 months, it felt like a more manageable challenge. Her workout program was the first one I had results with because I stayed consistent. If you do well with structure I would highly recommend the program!

Here are the things I recommend to help you develop a fitness routine at home:

  • The most obvious thing is to have a dedicated space in your house for working out. Whether that’s a backyard or a small space in your room, you need to make space for your fitness area. Knowing that you have this space ready doesn’t allow you to have to think about it everyday.
  • Get basic equipment – equipment costs can add up so be smart about what you invest in. To this day the basic things I have are: ankle weights (which I use as weights for upper body workouts), resistance bands, and a mat. You’re more than welcome to get more equipment but I would only recommend to get it if you know you will be using it often for your fitness routine.
  • Establish a time for you to work out – I made this mistake when transitioning between jobs. The time you workout is important again because if you have established it then you don’t have to think about it and won’t have time to make excuses for it. When I transitioned to a 9-5 job I chose to try and get my workouts done after work which did not work for me for the longest time because I would so drained from work. I decided that changing it to the morning is ideal because I get it done and it makes my mornings feel so much more productive.
  • Develop a routine that is fun for you! This is so damn important. If you are not enjoying your workouts to some level then you will abandon your fitness routine FAST! I enjoyed the structure of my workout plan and that’s why I looked forward to it. I also initially incorporated one day of spinning class as a cardio day and although spinning is not necessarily FUN, the challenge of it is what excited me especially being a part of a class. Make sure you choose something that makes you feel good and not overwhelmed and drained. You want to feel strong and powerful at the end of a workout.
  • This is only for the days you make excuses – something is better than nothing. Trust me on the days where I was drained from work I would procrastinate and really try to convince myself whether it was even worth it to get off my bed. BUT – I would tell myself something is better than nothing so if I felt extremely exhausted I would do a workout that took half the time because I knew something was better than nothing.

At the end of the day, you can customize this to yourself but the choice is yours. Do you love yourself enough to get that workout in? Find the things that work for you that set you up for success and set it up so you don’t have the make the decision about it everyday, it’s already established because this leaves less room for excuses.

Take care thrivers!

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