Hey Thrivers! Growing up, we aren’t really taught how to self love. I feel like there’s often this misconception at times that we won’t be able to make money doing the things we love. Or we tend to push off pursuing our hobbies and turn them into side hustles because it’s going to take time before we are actually able to monetize it. But the answer to how to self love is pursue the things you love. I’m a firm believer in having multiple streams of income. But I also understand how much of a struggle it can be to pursue your dreams while working your 9-5. I know for me, I just found myself getting comfortable in the past and just kind of giving up. What ended up happening is that I always felt like I wasn’t using my full potential.

In fact, I feel like I go through those moments as phases. While I’m not currently where I envision this blog or my podcast Still Figuring It Out to be – I have chosen to continue putting in the time and effort towards them because it’s what I enjoy doing.

I’ve taken up my lunch hours in the past and breaks in between work to dedicate time to the things I love doing. It can become a juggling act to try and have a work life balance as you partake in different ventures but it’s always worth it to take time doing those things you love, even if you’re not trying to make money out of it. First off, your hobby doesn’t always have to be your side hustle but it is a plus to make more money. But you will find that doing the things you enjoy doing will make you feel more fulfilled.

If you are trying to make an income out of your hobbies I recommend finding time to build a community of people that help you achieve that, research ways to make money off of it and see how others are successful with it, and make time to put in towards those goals. I guess the big reason I wanted to share this is because I’m currently going through that. Building a potential side hustle out of the things I love doing and trying to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to my own creations. I feel as though I connect with a part of me each time I choose to do something for me. There’s no better feeling than that. And if you ever find yourself feeling stuck or unfulfilled, take those conscious steps to doing the things you love.

Take care!

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