Hey Thrivers! Are you looking for inspiration on things to do before 30? First off, I hope you’re all pushing through this pandemic as best as you can. I’m sending you all love and light as we try to navigate this new world. But on a brighter note I’m sharing 10 things to do before 30. There is no real age limit to this but I thought I’d put together a fun list of things to do before 30. These are things that will help you to get out of your comfort zone, help you to understand your likes and dislikes a little better, and overall be in more tune with yourself and your happiness. Feel free to let me know what you would add to your list of things to do before 30!

  • Learn a new skill – For me it was cooking! I enjoyed baking dishes at a young age but I kind of steered away from learning how to cook different dishes and getting comfortable in the kitchen. I struggled for the longest time with this. I would highly recommend trying this out because there are a million easy and simple recipes out there to help you. Not to mention it’s such an awesome feeling making your own meals and knowing what is going into the dish. I would recommend trying out Hello Fresh or Green Chef meals for starters. The meals get delivered to your home and you get to pick out which meals you’d like to cook for that week.
  • Take a dance class – I would recommend to try this solo or with a friend if you’d like. Dancing is such a fun way to get your body moving and you’ll get to learn something new at the same time. I had started with Salsa classes and then when the pandemic hit, I went to virtual classes and it helped me build more confidence. It’s a great way to get you out of your comfort zone and allow you to meet new people as well. I highly recommend you guys check out Maria Ramos’ online dance classes if you’re interested!
  • Take as many road trips as you can – Road trips are such a great way to get out of your day to day environment, reset, and explore new places. Traveling can get expensive but you can travel hack by using your weekends or holiday weekends to get out and explore nearby cities and towns, it doesn’t have to break the bank every time. You can filter air bnb prices by looking at what dates are cheaper and plan your trips accordingly as well.
  • Get better at financial literacy – Can’t stress this one enough!! This is the time for us to learn so we don’t dig big holes for ourselves as we get older. I made plenty of money mistakes at a young age that I had to correct afterwords but could have been prevented had I known better. Whether this means that you start investing or just paying off your debt, you are never too young to learn. Take courses online, read books, attend seminars, and network. Instagram influencers and coaches offer valuable FREE advice and information to anyone who wants to learn more. One course I would highly recommend if you’re interested in long term investments for retirement and being able to retire early is the Slay The Stock Market course. Educate yourself, pay off your debt little by little, and build your credit!
  • Go out to eat somewhere new – I recently tried Hot Pot for the first time! It was delicious. I was meeting with a new friend I had made and tried a new cultural dish at a restaurant I had never been to. These opportunities are great to try new things, to have conversations with new people, and to learn more about a culture possibly. You don’t have to make huge jumps to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Practice learning a new language – These are tough as you get older. If you enjoy learning new things this is a great way to push yourself. If you have friends that speak a language you are trying to learn this is a great way to learn and practice!
  • Be open to new people you meet – You can gain a lot from getting to know new people, especially people of different ages, cultural backgrounds, perspectives, etc. It’s another opportunity for you to evolve and learn more about others and yourself. The opportunity to meet other people is also an opportunity to become more in tune with who we are.
  • Visit a lighthouse – Lighthouses are so underrated. They are a great way to learn about the history behind the lighthouse, to see the structure, get a good workout in when you climb to the top, and to be able to enjoy a view that is worth it! I have visited several so far but one that was my absolute favorite was the Fire Island Lighthouse!
  • Face one of fear you have – This is one of my favorites because I feel like facing my fears has helped me to realize that they are not as big or “scary” as they seem in my mind. I had a huge fears of heights and I ended up loving the thrill from zip lining. I even ended up on a roller coaster at night. I don’t know if I would want to do that again BUT it has helped me to feel more in control and not to live in fear. Whatever this means for you, go for it. It can be something as small as going on a date with yourself.
  • Let shit go – This is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself before the age of 30. That is to master the art of letting things go. It’s not easy but when you do master it, you will be so much happier in life and setbacks will not stop you from moving forward. If anyone has ever done you wrong, do what you need to do to let it go whether that means forgiving them or forgetting them. Your peace of mind will be your prize to being the happiest you can ever be.

Thrivers, I hoped you enjoyed this list of 10 things to do before 30! Let me know some fun ideas you have as well. If you’re looking for some activities to keep you busy at home check out my last post!

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